Since our inception in 1985, we have evolved into one of this country’s most respected Non-Bank Lenders, proud to have assisted tens of thousands of Australians realise their financial solutions.

RESIMAC LIMITED (‘RESIMAC’) provides funding via its established and long standing Mortgage Originator partners plus other industry professionals, to date funding in excess of A$18bn across 34 domestic and offshore transactions. In an ever changing and increasingly complex global business environment, we continue to invest in our people, distribution partners and our technology to deliver quality processes, ensuring both RESIMAC and its Partners move forward with strength, open to these new world opportunities.

Australian owned with headquarters in Sydney’s CBD, RESIMAC is supported by key strategic partners including Perpetual Trustees, National Australia Bank, Westpac and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. The RESIMAC team maintains a prudent and disciplined approach to risk and underwriting, product design and compliance. Understanding the needs of our customers and originators is central to all strategic decisions made by both our Executive Management and Board.


Originally created to service and securitise residential loans for HomeFund, a New South Wales State government housing programme under the name of FANMAC, RESIMAC has evolved to become a leading wholesale lender providing many Australian borrowers with a compelling lending alternative to the banking sector with broad product features and competitive interest rates.

RESIMAC is the pioneer of Australian Residential Mortgage Backed Securities (RMBS), being the first issuer in 1988 and since then has issued more than A$18bn through 34 domestic and international RMBS issues, demonstrating its enduring presence as a leading non-bank issuer in Australia.

RESIMAC has also achieved a residential loan servicer ranking of ‘STRONG’ as assigned by Standard & Poor's, reflecting RESIMAC’s significant track record in providing Loan Servicing solutions for its loan portfolio as well as for other less equipped finance providers. 


RESIMAC offers a suite of Prime Lending and Specialist Lending products tailored to the residential lending market sourced from the third party distribution network of mortgage brokers and mortgage managers. Some of the key features of RESIMAC loans are the broad parameters suitable for borrowers with diverse needs, access to loan details online, and the option of a debit card linked to the loan.

RESIMAC is committed to the mortgage industry and to the further development of the mortgage securitisation industry in Australia, and will continue to support the endeavours of the professional mortgage introducers who share a similar commitment.


The provision of best value service enabling operational and cost efficiencies through the strategic execution of technology. 

The delivery of innovative products and services in disciplined risk management environment. 

The generation of superior returns to shareholder.


Quality:  Continuously looks for ways to do things better. Seeks the participation of all who can help bring the accomplishment of objectives.

Professionalism:  Hold ourselves to highest standards of performance. Get the job done right and on time. Takes action to sharpen talents, skills and knowledge.

Teamwork:  Applies the RESIMAC Vision when making decisions. Asks for help when appropriate from whomever is best able to provide it. Demonstrates trust in others to do their jobs. Encourages teamwork among both the work group and the department.

Customer Focus:  Responds promptly to customer needs. Creates solutions that are responsive to customer needs. Demonstrates extensive, in-depth knowledge of his/her customer when making decisions. Exceeds customer’s expectations.

Respect:  Respect for Each Other. Shows sensitivity to people’s needs. Shows respect for the opinions of others.

"RESIMAC continues to function as a vertically integrated company.  In fact this is in our DNA having been established in 1985 as a vertically integrated enterprise."

Warren McLeland
Chief Executive Officer & Chairman

Board of Directors

Warren McLeland
Warren McLeland

Previously a senior managing director with JP Morgan Chase, Warren has over 30 years’ experience in domestic and international financial services. He is a director of a number of public and private companies including Trust Company Ltd, Capel Finance Ltd, Utilico Limited, Wilson HTM Investment Group Ltd and Ellect Holdings Ltd. 

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Susan Hansen
Susan Hansen

Susan is a chartered accountant with an MBA from the University of Cape Town. Susan has 30 years of experience in practice with the top accountancy firms and investment banking (financial analysis and risk assessment). Susan is a specialist in risk management including market risk management.

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Michael Jefferies
Michael Jefferies

Michael is a chartered accountant and holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree. He has extensive experience in finance and investment, including 15 years as an executive at Guinness Peat Group, and currently serves on a number of boards including at Tower Limited and Ozgrowth Limited and is Chairman of Touch Holdings Limited, Michael joined the board of RESIMAC in 2014.

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Executive Team

Warren McLeland
Warren McLelandExecutive Chairman & CEO Previously a senior managing director with JP Morgan Chase, Warren has over 30 years’ experience in domestic and international financial services. He is a director of a number of public and private companies including Trust Company Ltd, Capel Finance Ltd, Utilico Limited, Wilson HTM Investment Group Ltd and Ellect Holdings Ltd.
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Mary Ploughman
Mary PloughmanExecutive Director, Securitisation

Mary commenced with RESIMAC in November 2002 where she assumed overall responsibility for funding the RESIMAC business which also entails managing some of RESIMAC’s key relationships with its bank funders, investors, the government and rating agencies.

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Mark Anderson
Mark AndersonExecutive Director, Group Risk Management

Mark commenced with RESIMAC in May 2009 with 34 years’ experience in the financial services, banking and insurance sectors, primarily focusing on lending and risk management.

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Luis Orp
Luis OrpChief Operating Officer

Luis commenced with RESIMAC in April 2001 after 4 years in the treasury and funding area of Elderslie Finance. He worked in the securitisation and funding area of Resimac for the following 8 years and became the CFO in June 2009, a position he held for the following 6 years. Luis holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree, a Master of Business degree and is also a CPA.

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Pierre de Villecourt
Pierre de VillecourtChief Information Officer

Pierre was appointed as Chief Information Officer at RESIMAC in April 2009. Having had considerable experience in furthering technology in both a start-up and established business environment, his primary role at RESIMAC is to develop the use of technology to further improve business processes. 

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Peter Fitzpatrick
Peter FitzpatrickExecutive Director, Audit & Compliance and Company Secretary

Peter Fitzpatrick is the Company Secretary and Executive Director of Audit and Compliance. He is a Chartered Accountant who worked for a chartered firm and oil explorer before joining RESIMAC in 1987. He is also a member of Chartered Secretaries Australia, the Financial Services Institute of Australasia and the Institute of Internal Auditors.

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Neal Hawkins
Neal HawkinsChief Financial Officer

Neal is a chartered management accountant with an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management. Neal has over 18 years’ of Finance and Financial Services experience from the UK, Australia and Asia with previous employers including CBA, Morgan Stanley and Lloyds. Neal joined the business in July 2012 and is the Chief Financial Officer.

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