Carbon Positive

Resimac is proud to be carbon conscious. At Resimac, we aim to conduct our business in an environmentally responsible fashion. Recently we teamed up with non-profit group Carbon Positive to support its community tree planting projects across Australia. Our environmental record speaks for itself. Our earlier initiatives have helped plant more than 40,000 trees over 10 years.

This activity is not something that is factored into the pricing of our home loans and it does not result in any additional expense for our customers. Rather, it is our way of contributing to a more sustainable environment and exercising our corporate social responsibility, something which is important to us at Resimac.

In addition to this action towards offsetting carbon emissions, we provide our customers with tips on how to minimise their personal impact on the environment and responsibly recycle our old computer equipment.

Carbon conscious tips

Here are 20 tips on things you can do around the home to make a difference to the sustainability of our planet:

  • Use fluorescent tubes

    They last up to eight times longer than ordinary light bulbs and only use a quarter of the electricity.

  • Invest in a pool cover

    If you have a pool, invest in a pool cover. This will save 90% of the energy your swimming pool uses.

  • Turn off your lights

    Turn off all lights when you aren’t in the room, and switch off the TV when you’re not watching it.

  • Star ratings

    Always look at the star ratings on whitegoods and go for the most energy efficient.

  • Check broken seals

    Ensure your refrigerator seals properly. Broken seals means the cold air will not stay in your refrigerator and will use a lot more energy.

  • Fridge size

    Refrigerators are most efficient when they are full. Make sure your fridge is the right size for your household.

  • Use cold water in the laundry whenever possible

    Use cold water in the laundry whenever possible and save the energy and gas used to heat it up.

  • Full loads only

    Only place full loads in your washing machine. It uses the same amount of energy as just a single item.

  • Dry your clothes in the sun

    Don’t use your dryer if it’s a sunny day and ensure your lint filter is cleaned regularly.

  • Change your shower head

    Fit a AAA-rated low flow showerhead.

  • Check your taps!

    Make sure your taps aren’t leaking!

  • Walk or ride to work

    If you walk or ride to work just once a week , not only will you be healthier for it, the environment will love you for it too. You’ll be cutting your greenhouse emissions by 600kgs a year.

  • Insulate your walls and ceilings

    You could save up to 30% on your heating bills and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 1000kgs a year.

  • Fill that dishwasher!

    Make sure there is a full load in your dishwasher before starting the cycle. If you allow your dishes to air dry instead of using the drying cycle you can save 20% of your dishwasher’s electricity usage.

  • Service your car

    Make sure your car is serviced regularly. A well serviced car has better petrol mileage, saving you money and lowering CO2 emissions.

  • Buy recycled goods

    Whenever possible, buy products made from recycled goods.

  • Be smart when ironing

    When ironing your clothes, iron large batches to avoid reheating your iron. Use the residual heat once it's turned off to iron delicates.

  • Close your blinds during the day

    In summer, to keep your house cooler, close your blinds during the day.

  • Close your curtains

    Keep curtains closed on winter nights to keep the warm air in.

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