Information for customers impacted by bushfires


We understand that recovering from a natural disaster is a long, difficult process and want to provide as much support as we can to our affected customers.

If you have been affected by the recent bushfires please contact Resimac on 1300 793 741 or email We have consultants available to help with enquiries and discuss the options for relief that we can provide to customers experiencing financial difficulties.

Common types of assistance we support include deferred repayments, long term repayment arrangements, reduced repayments, time to seek financial / counselling advice and capitalisation of arrears.

Our team of specialists will work in partnership with you to determine the most suitable arrangement for you.

Financial hardship assistance


We recognise that borrowers may from time-to-time experience financial hardship, or for whatever reason may have missed a repayment or be unable to make their upcoming repayment(s). The most critical action one should take in such a situation is be up-front about your situation. We have a dedicated team to assist clients with a Resimac loan, and from the range of options we have available to those experiencing hardship we will attempt to help find the most appropriate solution for your situation. We may have greater flexibility if you make contact with us early on.

  • Resimac-funded loans

    • If you are experiencing financial hardship and your loan is funded by Resimac.

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  • Wholesale-funded loans

    • If your loan is funded by one of our wholesale funding partners (including Adelaide Bank, Advantedge, ING Direct, Macquarie, Origin, Calibre, Pepper, RedZed, RMT)

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