Smart home devices can make family life easier

Home tech: A wrap of smart home devices that can make day-to-day family life easier


With over 85 per cent of the Australian population owning a smart phone, more and more smart gadgets are appearing on the market. These devices promise convenience, savings and the 'wow' factor. So, which ones are worth the investment?

Smart savings


In winter, we can be tempted to spend a little bit longer in the shower or leave the heater on overnight to compensate for those colder mornings. On average, Australian households experience a 60 per cent increase in their energy bills throughout the colder months. By utilising the features and technology of smart devices, you can start to manage your energy and reap some serious savings.

Smart systems save households, on average, 30-40 per cent of energy. With real time updates and analysis, you won't have to rely on estimates, and you won't get a surprise when you get your energy bill.

  1. Samsung Smart Hub

    Samsung Smart Hub is the smart system that gives you control over your home devices.

    The hub allows you to personalise your home experience, from lights, speakers, sensors, thermostat and even locks, you can create the mood of your home with one central system. With the Samsung Smart Hub, you can set timers for lights and even customised lighting, sound and the temperature for movie nights.

  2. ZEN Thermostat

    Zen HQ's Zen Thermostat is a convenient and energy-saving alternative to traditional heating systems. Its smart technology allows you to control the thermostat with your smartphone. When coming home, set the thermostat to ensure a warm welcome when you walk through the door.

  3. SmartThings Water Leak Sensor

    The Samsung SmartThings Water Leak Sensor detects moisture early on and sends an alert via the app when a leak is suspected. As well as protecting your home from water damage, the sensor monitors the homes interior temperature, helping you to manage the settings of your air conditioner, fan and heater and ultimately save you some money.

Staying safe


Ensuring the safety of your family and your home will become more effective and manageable with these smart gadgets.

  1. Nest Protect

    The Nest Protect smoke detector does more than the average smoke detector. Its technology tracks the levels of carbon monoxide which can secretly build up in your home and the "Split-Spectrum" photoelectric sensor technology can identify both fast and slow-burning fires. With its humidity sensor, the Nest Protect also reduces the number of false alarms usually caused by steam.

  2. Circle with Disney

    Managing the internet usage of your children can be a hard task. With Circle with Disney, you can set limits and filter content on devices including mobile phones, tablets, smart TVs and video game consoles. Controlled all from one app, this is the easiest way to monitor all online activity.

  3. myQ

    The myQ Garage & Access Control from Merlin gives you that peace of mind when you're away from home. Worried you left the garage door open, or do you need to let someone in when you're away? myQ gives you real-time alerts and can be accessed from anywhere via the app.

The simple life


Smart gadgets provide the convenience that other devices can't, saving you time and your sanity.

  1. iRobot Vacuum Cleaners

    One of the most popular smart gadgets continues to be iRobot vacuum cleaners. Their collection of robotic vacuum cleaners allows you to set off the vacuum cleaner without you even being home. Through the iRobot HOME app, you can specify the areas to be cleaned from your phone and schedule its running time.

  2. Phillips Hue Smart Lights

    We’ve all had that moment when we get up in the middle of the night and find ourselves fumbling for the light switch. The Phillips Hue range simplifies lighting with its Bluetooth controlled system. Phillips Hue also offers the Hue Bridge experience where you can set timers and use when you’re away from home.


Having control over your house and your energy usage from just your smartphone makes day-to-day family life so much easier. Ensure savings, safety and simplicity with these smart gadgets.

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