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    Helping the planet from the comfort of your home

    May 2020
    The environment is still front of mind for many Australians in the wake of a long drought and recent summer bushfires. We have compiled a few easy swaps that will mean less trips to the shops, increased savings and a greener planet.
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    Prep for cool savings with these winter warmers

    May 2020
    The more time spent at home during winter means higher heating bills, often leaving us with a rude shock long after the cool snap has passed. However, the good news is that it is possible to reduce your heating bills this winter by getting ahead of the seasonal change and preparing sooner rather than later!
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    Buying a property in 2020? Here’s what you need to know

    May 2020
    2020 may still be your year to purchase a property, but you will need to be smart and strategic to climb the property ladder in the current market.
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    Beat the isolation blues? Challenge accepted!

    Apr 2020
    We all need a little inspiration when it comes to thinking of new things to do while in isolation. Why not challenge yourself? From upskilling to learning a life skill, there are many ways you can be productive and have fun while at home.
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    Shred and save

    Apr 2020
    Make the most of all this ‘home time’ by building up a sweat: killer cardio and resistance training sessions simply require a little free space, the right apps and some creative thinking.
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    Message from Resimac CEO

    Apr 2020
    Resimac has been committed to supporting its customers through the good and bad times since 1985. Here's a message from Resimac CEO, Scott McWilliam.
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    Bring the glitz and glamour of celebrity living to your home

    Mar 2020
    Bring the glitz and glamour a celebrity living to your home with these simple ideas that are sure to impress.
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    Home office hero

    Mar 2020
    Did you know a home office can add value and broaden your potential buyers' market? We look at four tips to create a home office in your abode.
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    Are you ready for Tenancy Act reforms?

    Mar 2020
    New Tenancy Act amendments are coming to most states in Australia. From minor modifications, to making it easier to keep pets, we look at the changes coming to your state.
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    Travel and earn

    Feb 2020
    Are you looking at a few empty rooms, or less time at home this year? Why not make the most of that extra space and set yourself up on a short-stay accommodation website? Read on for our top tips to turn your home into a new income stream.
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    Prepping your garden for autumn

    Feb 2020
    Is your backyard at its full potential? Not only does gardening benefit your health and the local wildlife, it can also increase your home value by up to 25%. If you've been planning to refresh your garden with some new plants, or replace those that are struggling, autumn is the perfect time to do so. Find out how to create a healthy and happy garden with our simple tips and tricks.
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    Are you due for your 2020 insurance policy review?

    Feb 2020
    How much is enough? Are you really covered? If talking about insurance makes you nervous, maybe you're due for an insurance review. Read our checklist of insurance essentials to protect your family and property.
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    Summer get togethers to make a difference

    Jan 2020
    Ways to help those affected from bushfires from your backyard and beyond: This summer is different to the typical Australian summer. Usually, in Australia beachside holidays and afternoons in the sunshine are top of the agenda. However, with devastating bushfires and drought across the nation has many Aussies looking for ways they can help.
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    Five New Year's resolutions to set you up for financial success

    Jan 2020
    A new year and decade is now upon us, so too is the opportunity to pledge our 2020 resolutions. To help you get on the right track, we've compiled a list of realistic and practical money related resolutions that will help the whole family to budget, save, bargain-hunt, and declutter.
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    Know your market

    Jan 2020
    What would it really take to buy ‘that' house in the best suburb in town? Read our nationwide price update to find out what those ‘must-have' homes are really selling for, up and coming suburbs to watch and where the best rental returns can be found!
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    Together we've planted 30,000 trees

    Dec 2019
    For every Resimac-branded loan settled, a native Mallee Eucalypt tree is planted by Australian carbon farming company, Carbon Conscious. In November 2019, Resimac reached a significant milestone with the planting of 30,000 trees, which represents the removal of 4.5 million kilograms of CO2 from the atmosphere.
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    Practical, last minute gifts that will wow

    Dec 2019
    Whether you have been busy at work, had a full social calendar or just tend to put off Christmas shopping, it's not too late to find the perfect gift without spending a fortune.
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    How to make the most of your backyard this summer

    Dec 2019
    From cricket, to a delicious barbeque or pool party, nothing says Australian summer more than an afternoon with friends and family in the backyard. Here are 3 DIY ideas you might not have tried before to take your summer entertaining up a notch.
  • sales-representative-offer-house-purchase-contract-buy-house-husband-wife

    Will the new first home buyers scheme affect you?

    Dec 2019
    With the January roll out of the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme just around the corner, Resimac caught up with Tim Lawless, CoreLogic's head of research Asia Pacific to discuss how the scheme will affect the market and the hidden opportunities for homeowners and investors in 2020.
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    Tips for preparing the backyard for summer entertaining

    Nov 2019
    Whether it's backyard cricket or a good old fashioned barbeque, as the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, backyard entertaining is an Aussie tradition.
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    2020 Property Forecast

    Nov 2019
    The recent country-wide property downturn combined with shrinking interest rates has buoyed the confidence of next home buyers and property investors. Is it time for you to put property on your 2020 ‘must do' list?
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    Make your dream home a reality

    Oct 2019
    Day dreaming of your dream home? Time to make it a reality. We look at four solutions to help you realise your dream home.
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    Easy and affordable ways to reduce your household waste

    Oct 2019
    Climate change and doing better for the environment is a hot topic around the world. If you are wanting to do your part, a good place to start is in the home. Here a few ways you can reduce your family's household waste.
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    Which Christmas shopper are you?

    Oct 2019
    Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? If your answer is ‘no', you might be in the minority. While there's no perfect way to do your Christmas shopping, check out our guide to find out which type of shopper you are and tips for stress-free shopping this festive season!
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    Selling your home? There are four pivotal decisions that can impact your selling experience

    Sep 2019
    You might know the basics of how to sell your home, like managing the costs and the different ways you can sell your home. But here are other four pivotal decisions that can have an impact on your selling experience.
  • woman-cleaning-house

    Top tips for the ultimate spring clean

    Sep 2019
    Spring cleaning is a tradition that allows us to freshen up our homes and get a head start on summer. Here are a few top tips to make the process quick and easy.
  • velux-woman-bedroom-sky-lighting-ceiling-windows

    Ways to increase natural light in your home

    Sep 2019
    Sunlight streaming into living and relaxation spaces has positive impacts on our health, wellbeing and productivity. Here are a few ways to increase natural light in your home
  • food-ladder-bhutan-group-photo

    Food Ladder: An update from our corporate partner

    Aug 2019
    Resimac is a proud partner of not-for-profit, Food Ladder. See our latest blog for an update on how Food Ladder's sustainable technologies are helping to ensure food and economic security for remote communities.
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    Home maintenance jobs to tackle before the weather warms up

    Aug 2019
    There's nothing worse than when the weather starts to heat up but the pool, garden and all of your summer gear are in winter hibernation mode, see our list of four home maintenance jobs to squeeze in before the weather warms up.
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    Five tips to pay off your home loan faster

    Aug 2019
    Getting ahead with your home loan is all about being smart with your repayments. See our best tips on how to reduce the life of your mortgage and make serious savings too!
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    Affordable childcare options

    July 2019
    Childcare can be expensive, but is essential for most families. With so many options, it's important to consider what's important to you when making a childcare action plan.
  • aerial-view-green-leafy-suburb

    Choosing the perfect home and nest egg

    July 2019
    A buyers guide to investing in property through the eras. Whether you're purchasing your forever home, or wanting to maximise returns on an investment, when you purchase property you're looking after your financial future. Heritage, mid-century or modern – what are the make or breaks?
  • portrait-cute-young-couple-sitting-sofa-home-managing-budget-using-phone-laptop

    Getting the most out of stamp duty exemptions in your state

    July 2019
    Understanding and preparing for outgoings, and what exemptions you might be entitled to could make a huge difference to your financial position when buying or transferring a property.
  • woman-working-home-office

    Working from home? Be productive and successful in your own work space

    June 2019
    It can be difficult to establish boundaries when working from home and not letting your work bleed into your personal life. Find out how to productively work from home and switch off at the end of the day.
  • saving-concept-female-putting-coin-piggy-bank-standing-heating-radiator

    Stay warm this winter, without busting the budget

    June 2019
    You don't have to burn a hole in your pocket to keep warm this winter. Here are a few ways to keep your home warm and inviting without blowing the budget.
  • accountant-calculator-paperwork

    EOFY tax tips

    June 2019
    With the end of financial year nearing, it's time to get excited about maximising your tax return. Our latest blog has all the best tips to make sure you're doing everything you can to stay on top of all the tax opportunities available to you.
  • modern-interior-renovation-painting-red-ladder

    Spend or save: A guide to cash-savvy renovations

    May 2019
    If you're looking to invest in your home by renovating, it can be difficult to know what is worth splashing some cash on and where you can take a few shortcuts and save some dollars.
  • cute-child-digital-tablet-portrait-pretty-litte-girl-web-app-education

    Apps for money smart kids

    May 2019
    A parent's guide to money apps for kids. Earning pocket money for household tasks helps to teach essential financial literacy skills that can't be taught in schools.
  • female-farmer-holding-crate-full-freshly-harvested-vegetables-garden-homegrown-bio-produce

    Winter wonders for your veggie patch

    May 2019
    A gardener's guide to creating a fruitful and sustainable veggie patch this winter. While winter may be cold and dark out, it's the ideal time to start prepping your veggie patch for spring harvesting.
  • young-couple-computer-checking-bills-paperwork-family-budget-finances

    Eyes on the RBA

    Apr 2019
    Key facts you need to know about RBA predictions and the cash rate to ensure your mortgage continues to work hard for you.
  • real-estate-sale-auction-concept-gavel-house-model-wooden-table

    Super Saturday Auctions: The buyer's guide for coming out on top of Super Saturday

    Apr 2019
    Whether you're a buyer or a seller, if you're involved in the property market, you've likely heard the term Super Saturday thrown around.
  • closeup-happy-asian-couple-looking-blueprint-home

    Home DIY projects for the long weekend

    Apr 2019
    There is nothing more satisfying than taking on a few home projects for the long weekend. Whether it's indoors or outdoors, you can knock over one or two jobs and enjoy the fruits of your labour for time to come!
  • family-moving-new-house

    Four tips for Australians looking to buy property in the current market

    Mar 2019
    Tighnening lending standards, reduced foreign demand and decreasing rental prices are all thought to be contributing to a decline in property prices throughout most of Australia.
  • little-boy-tree-planting-gardening-garden-father-son-helping-boy-green-plant-environment

    Together we've reached 25,000 trees!

    Mar 2019
    The Resimac team are proud to announce that we've achieved a significant sustainability milestone with the planting of 25,000 trees through our partnership with Australian carbon farming company, Carbon Conscious.
  • mom-daughter-doing-cleaning

    Ways to extend the lifespan of your home's most essential items

    Mar 2019
    When was the last time you rolled up your sleeves and cleaned the larger household items on your chore list? Like the oven or your mattress?.
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    Resimac backs brokers following Royal Commission recommendations

    Feb 2019
    With the final report from The Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry now public, the message that more must be done to protect borrowers has been heard loud and clear.
  • large-wardrobe-different-clothes-home-stuff-shoes

    Marie Kondo's top tips for decluttering your home

    Feb 2019
    The KonMari method of organisation can not only benefit your home, it can also improve overall wellbeing.
  • child-hands-kitchen-waste-vintage-cutting-board-garden-compost-recycling-fertiliser

    The lowdown on all things composting

    Feb 2019
    Composting is the perfect way to reduce your food waste while creating an all natural alternative to chemical fertiliser.
  • living-room-house-interior-green-wallpaper

    New Year, new you, new goals?

    Jan 2019
    Whether it's a renovation, house deposit or getting ahead on mortgage repayments, keep your 2019 property goals on track with our tips for sticking to your resolutions.
  • fresh-herbs-wooden-background-plants-basil-oregano-leaves-parsley-thyme

    How to DIY a herb garden at home

    Jan 2019
    Delicious herbs from your backyard! See our how-to guide for your very own DIY herb garden.
  • interior-modern-design-room-purple-wall-3d-rendering

    Five ways to give your home a makeover

    Jan 2019
    Purchasing a new home (your first or otherwise), can sometimes leave the budget a little tight for decorating. See our top tips to save your pennies without compromising on style.
  • real-estate-agent-shaking-hands-new-property-owners

    Essential considerations for anyone making a move on the property ladder in 2019

    Dec 2018
    If you've watched the news or picked up a newspaper recently, you might have noticed that the outlook for the property market is grim, especially for those living in our capital cities.
  • surveillance-camera-security-cctv-outside

    Home security these holidays

    Dec 2018
    Whether it's the Christmas holidays or a long weekend, the summer months are the perfect time for opportunistic thieves to take advantage of empty houses and expensive presents under the tree.